Is Ignorance Really Bliss?

This week I unplugged from the real world and headed out to an island off the coast of Washington state and near Canada where the phone service is sketchier than the Trump family. Look, I’m not one to get politically involved; however, this family seems like they need a reality show, not a shot at running our country.


Anyway, I came across a blog post written by Simon Dumenco with a title that certainly caught my eye thanks to its humor; “NYT to Trump Jr.: We’re Digging This Hole for You. Trump Jr.: Wow, Thanks! Can I Help Dig?”

This blog post got me all caught up with the craziness that is our first family. It seems, in my opinion, Republicans tend to just simply ignore the bad news. But this seems to be hard to ignore, even for Fox News. Donald Trump Jr. (yeah, not our president, but his son) met with Russian intelligence back in 2016 in hopes to get dirt on Hillary Clinton to further advance his father in the election.


Donald Trump Jr. claims that most of this is “fake news”…

Thanks to Dumenco, I was able to learn fact from fiction.

Ignore, ignore, ignore… That is, until The New York Times gained access to emails PROVING that Donald Trump Jr. did in fact meet with Russian intelligence and this is not “fake news”. The New York Times then tweeted stating they will release the emails; however, Donald Trump Jr. beat them to it. Sigh. According to Trump Jr., one minute he is completely transparent and admits to meeting with Russian intelligence (when no one even asked), then he claims it’s all lies, only to later release proof that it is real.


Now we have Republicans, Congressmen, and most of the country running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Do we condemn or applaud him? Are we really supposed to believe the president had nothing to do with this?

From what I understand, Trump has said it was a great opportunity for his son and of course he would say that. This was a great opportunity for the Trumps to get an upper hand.


But after all at G-20 Summit Putin did say he had no involvement in the American elections, so that must be true…